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There are only four main principles top keep your life balanced and healthy.

With Zinzino BalanceTest you can find out your ratio of omega-6/ omega-3 fatty acids. Your test results  will show also whether your diet is balanced or unbalanced. This way you can change your diet if necessary. Provided you follow the three-step program below, we are certain you will achieve balance or near balance after 120 days:

1. Eat a diet rich in omega-3 and low in carbohydrates (sugars). Include fatty fish, fruits, salads, vegetables, nuts and in general organic foods, when possible. Reduce excessive omega-6 rich plant oils, and processed convenience foods that contain them. Remember, grain-fed meats also contains high amounts of omega-6.

2. Consume omega-3 rich Zinzino Balance products, as recommended.

3.  Exercise is a crucial factor for good health.

Getting omega-6 / omega-3 balance just from eating the “right” products might be difficult and complicated. However, it is simple with Zinzino BalanceOil or Shake. Just remember – once you have achieved the right balance, you need to maintain it for a lifetime to protect yourself from modern health problems as much as possible.


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