Why This Site and Why Me

Thank you for visiting this site. If you care about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, this might give you more profound view on healthy food issues nowadays. Because a lot of food products that are marketed as healthy actually do not meet this criteria, and sometimes even harm us.

Although I am not a doctor, I have studied nutrition and health issues all my life, particularly during last 3 years. Why? Because my experience shows that a lot of healthy lifestyle advice given by glossy magazines do not work. And a lot of doctors are mislead by information provided by pharmacy companies, food producers and inappropriate scientific studies.

I was born in Latvia – this is a small country in Eastern Europe bordering with Russia, and all my childhood I was living in Soviet Union until 1991, when Latvia regained its independence. Now I understand that being under Soviet Union had some bright side, too. For example, the modern food industry development affected people here much more later than in USA, and this is one of reasons why omega-6 / omega-3 ratio is worse in USA. Eating habits in Soviet Latvia were close to those of our grandparents, partly because meat and confectionery was a deficit, and there were no such a thing as Coca-cola and other sugary drinks.

After getting back Latvia’s independence, we welcomed new life and product standards with open arms, and we were so glad having “healthy” products like margarine and plentitude of sausages with almost no meet inside. Then I did not know yet that 20 more years would pass until scientists that care about people’s health would ring alarm bells about modern food and its connection with modern lifestyle diseases.

Three years ago, when I turned 40 years old, I had a family with 2 under-age kids. Although I considered myself “a healthy average”, I was not happy with health issues in my family, as we were constantly facing different viral diseases brought back from school and kindergarten to our home. It was time with constant worries and prescriptions of antibiotics, and in between illnesses a lot of money was paid to homeopathic and other natural remedies, which gave no result.

And then I was introduced to company Zinzino and its great health concept. I did not have a clue before what is fatty acid balance and why it is so important until I heard Dr.Paul Clayton lecturing about nutrients that are missing or outbalanced in modern food and what terrible consequences it does. Then it changed for me and my family. After restoring the omega-6 / omega-3 ratio about 3:1 we stopped being ill every other week and started to enjoy new life and health quality. And I know that being in balance is just the first step as there is a lot to do with better everyday food choices and more physical activities.

Modern food even when cooked at home does not provide us with all the necessary nutrients, and I know that most people are not aware of that and do not want to recognize it even after seeing data of scientific studies.

This is why I created this site, to collect in one place all the most important information about omega-6 / omega-3 fatty acid balance, to show you science behind it and to encourage you to take care of your health and your life, because no one else will do that.

There will be a lot of references to relevant sources of information – scientific studies and books, which you can use for further readings.

I would appreciate if you share your own story and experience with using Zinzino Balance products. Together we can raise awareness about modern food and healthy food choices, and together we can make this world healthier.

I will post bits and pieces of information in my blog from now on, join me on this travel to healthier life!

This website is created from my personal means only. If you agree with standpoints expressed here, want to use this health concept and want to support my further endeavors of publishing more useful information, please, do that by bying Zinzino’s Balance products from my personalized link here. Thus you would help yourself and me, too.

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